I'll accompany you.

The bungalow is approached only by a narrow path.

You could be here for a long while.


Remember that we are all in the same boat.


I love hanging out with my friends.

I don't want to hurt him.

It was humiliating.


Why do I have to work with her?

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Granville wants to set up a meeting.

I declined for personal reasons.

I want people to appreciate the beauty of my native language, and I want to experience how beautiful other languages can be, too.

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It will not be long before we know the result.

The day began to break.

His rival was discouraged by his triumph.

She would benefit from a visit.

Giles was hiding behind a tree.

Of course you can stay.

We can go anywhere we like.

Her next crime will be her last.

Nobody knows what really happened except for Jeanette.

Sunil wanted to ask questions, but he didn't.

She asked him out and he said yes.

At first I thought this pain would kill me.

Miltos still hasn't responded.

We've been waiting for over two months.

I'll stay away from you.

His advice didn't help at all.

I wish I hadn't believed you.


Let's do our best again today.


He came home at six.

I went to see him.

Tiefenthal broke his left ankle during a rugby match.

It's up to you to decide the matter.

His deeds do not accord with his words.

Amir must've been here before.

Why did you sell it?


Don't respond to that.

Takao works as hard as any boy in the class.

There is nothing left to buy at that store.

I didn't care.

This is exhilarating.

He was famous for his marathon speeches in parliament.

It looks like it is going to rain tonight.

Rajendra didn't mean to be so late.

Marguerite will be absent today because he has a cold.

Kusum needs to lower his expectations.

The accident arose from a simple mistake.


Bob thinks it is a silly idea to call his mother who is so far away, to spend so much, and to say so little.

My father goes to work at eight every day.

Misudo's baked donuts are on sale today. Let's go buy some!

I'll come home at ten.

Rik is ashamed of his body.

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You won't make it, not even in your dreams.

Tell Rik to call me.

Jack's car is a recent model.


Hot summer days ended and cool autumn days followed.

I expect to take a vacation in May.

He lives beside the sea, but he doesn't know how to swim.


What if he should happen to come late?

We promised, in our last article, to illustrate the formidable powers of the white shark, by relating a fearful struggle between this animal and a human being.

Her face is in focus.

I want to visit my friend next week.

Liquids are either acid or alkaline.

How horrible! They stoned the man to death.

Our streets look cleaner than they used to.

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Won't you give me a little money?

These two lines are at right angles.

This is a good dictionary.

I drink the water.

Charles improvised a short address.

It would be fun.

Good health is the most valuable of all things.

Here's everything I need to hear.

We've known about this problem for a long time.


My alarm clock didn't go off this morning.

They walked together.

Is sin the opposite of a good deed?

Floyd has gone to bed.

Ginny was really shocked.

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Hume asked for three days off.

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We discussed it plenty of times.


Don't believe everything people tell you.

Do you really think we can do this without Boyce's help?

The artists pledged to contribute all his property to charity.

We'd better go back a little.

Guido was surprised by what he saw.

Ernst pushed the silent alarm with his foot.

I'll tell him so when he comes.


Where was your father?

I wasn't told the reason.

Have you made up your mind about tonight?


None of us are opposed to her ideas.


Humans haven't had a chance against a chess computer in a long time.

Do you need me to repeat the question?

That's one of the things I miss about Europe.

Look at this picture, please.

We live close to the station.

I'm in charge here.

The chief pronounced that the technique was inadequate.

You need to take note of this!

Perry hoped Art could help him.

I like to walk.

I bet Wilson still hasn't stopped laughing.


I made very short work of the big steak.

They are sitting around the graves of their dead ancestors.

Three people were injured.

Sharan couldn't live up to Johnny's expectations.

Sjaak doesn't know where Santa put her suitcases.

Panacea told me to get out of his room.

Why do you want to know?

Esperanto helped me broaden my intellectual and cultural horizons.

I've got a feeling.

I think we should help Gerald.

Just water, please.

Judge and Johnnie had a heated discussion on same-sex marriage.

Read the message once more.

The house was in poor condition.

Last night there was a big fire in the neighbourhood.

I can assure you that you are wrong.

We are the pioneers of this new branch of science.

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This is by far the coolest thing we've ever done.

After the war, the Netherlands was the country that executed and tortured the most Japanese, though some of them were innocent.

She made a mental note of that information, which she thought might be useful in the future.

We have to go back for Bernard.

Why ever should we fetch the key, I wonder?

You don't have to speak so loudly. I can hear you very clearly.

I don't intend to be selfish.

You're so different.

Monday is the first day, Tuesday is the second day, and so on.

If you frequently spit-up blood you should call an ambulance or have a nearby physician make a house call.

I live in Dublin right now.


The pilot ejected his seat seconds before the plane crashed.

It would be something I'd have to program.

He does not live there any more.


Do I look like an idiot?


That's why I'm telling you that you don't have to go there alone.

He refused the food with disgust.

Visiting hours are almost over.

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Suwandi's design is very original.

I really must finish this.

We lock our doors at night.

You are what you like.

You'll eventually forget me.

Though she is rich, she is not happy.

Italy is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

To make money one must want money.

The bottle Nathaniel was holding had a purple label.


The raft has drifted far off from the shore.


These are interesting times.

It's hard to say what the weather will be like tomorrow.

I took the blame.

It's evident.

My grandfather's photograph is on the wall.

If I were you, I would follow him to the end of the world.

It's wonderful to be back.


I'll ask around to see if anyone has any suggestions.

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I blush for your mistake.


This body has no life.


Kayvan's parents don't want Vicki and Cathrin to live together until after they are married.

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Do you have any tickets left?

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My license has been suspended.


How could you be so sure?

She asked the office, in order to obtain more detailed information.

A hermit is a person whose vices and follies are not sociable.